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How are we different. First off we are not a "BIG BOX" Gym. We are an independently owned facility. Our goal is to empower people to improve the quality of their lives, the other 23 hours that we don't see them. We empower and educate our members how to have and enjoy a Health and Wellness Lifestyle. Anyone can make you sweat, we make you better!    We are a PRIVATE CLUB that is not about heavy pressure sales!

PRIVATE CLUB  means unless you are a member you cannot get in the building, AND WE DON'T ALLOW DROP INS.

 We are a community-minded place and really strive to create a great atmosphere of motivation and inspiration. We will ask you to leave if you don’t fit, and by don’t fit we mean being a disrespectful person to other members and to the club. We believe that there are spaces and places for everyone and we only want people that fit with what we believe about health and wellness.

Good humans only need apply...LOL!.

Like-minded is a word we use a lot around here. We are into empowering people to become the best versions of themselves. ​ . We don’t believe in bogus enrolment fees and the like. You are not locked into a contract because we only want people that want to be be here😊

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