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We train Professional Athletes to everyday warriors!

I started this journey on a whim. My daughter talked me into going with her to the gym I was very nervous and uncomfortable. There was certain things I couldn't do anymore and I knew that I had to do something about it.

I go to Bootcamp 3 times a week and I feel great! My stamina is better. I can do things easier at work. I feel good about myself! I am not a skinnie minne but I have gone down 3 dress sizes!!

Im very happy with my life and I sure that going to Apocalypse has helped! The group feels like my second family!

I would highly recommend anyone to come to Apocalypse!  


When I joined Apocalypse I was overweight, eating fast food regularly and got winded crossing a parking lot. I was ashamed of my body and felt like there was no hope. The moment I entered Apocalypse I was greeted by John and Cindy as if I were entering their home. They have this amazing way of making you feel safe and welcomed. Never have I met more warm and friendly people in my life; you instantly feel connected to them. Joining Bootcamp was by far the scariest and most exhilarating thing I've ever done. Cindy has helped me feel proud of myself and has fostered growth in me I never dreamed was possible. She's truly been the fire to my Phoenix journey! She's helped me release old habits, beliefs and negative thoughts and replaced it with a joy I've always yearned for. I feel stronger mentally, emotionally and physically and have even postponed a move to another province so I can stay and train for FemSport with the Apocalypse Tribe. I will forever be grateful to both John and Cindy for empowering me and changing my life. "


John Coyle, is an amazing coach who can somehow make you believe in yourself while pushing you to be constantly better. John knew that for me training for box jumps would not include much box jumps. Instead, he focused on sprinting and getting me to move faster. John is someone who truly cares about you and invests in you. If you give your 100% he is behind you all the way. John’s continual support enabled me to come back stronger and faster from an injury one surgeon told me “I would never” be able to participate in athletics again. From his personal experiences with injuries and being told “he would never” he knows thoughts are things. He knows when someone is willing to work hard and believe in the possibilities he or she can be successful.


Since joining Apocalyspe Training and Fitness 3 years ago I've had the chance to work with John Coyle one on one. His specific knowledge of hockey and also how each individual body works is amazing. 

He has made me a stronger, faster, more dynamic player in a short period. Not only does he lay the groundwork he challenges your mind to never break.

In sports and life a very important component. 

​One of the best trainers out there.

Kyle Greentree

Professional Hockey player KHL


 I began my journey at Apocalypse just over six years ago. Before I met Cindy I did not know anything about nutrition or have any cooking skills. I could only cook frozen meals and microwavable vegetables but Cindy opened my eyes at just how easy it is to prepare your own meals and watch what you put into your body. She came in to my home, took me shopping at the grocery store and after a few cooking classes she helped me develop new cooking skills and food awareness that changed my life. Since then I have been able to see massive changes in the way my body looks and the way I can perform at the gym. She helped me build a great foundation to start my lifelong journey to help me live longer, happier and to be more open minded. 


 I also started to train one on one with John. When we first started working together I had no interest in training with other people or participating in his classes during the week ( especially the volleyball warm up ). He was persistent and eventually encouraged me to join one class just to see how I liked it. Since then I have been going steady at least 3 times a week and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. There were things in class I thought I would never be able to do, so John taught me how to challenge myself mentally and physically to overcome those negative thoughts and push my training to the next level. Another reason I keep coming to class every week is because I have so many friends at Apocalypse that make me laugh and we encourage each other. Other people in class also push me to work harder and they inspire me when I see them improve in workouts they have been struggling with.

I will keep training for as long as I can with John and Cindy because I want to continue to challenge myself, keep making making new friends and continue a journey that has been one of the most important things in my life.

Star B

Love the fact that my kid is a hockey player being trained by a hockey player much more than just fitness, totally training the body mind & soul. Thanks, John.


Hey, hey!



Many of you already know me, but for those who don't let me introduce myself.  My name is Kyla Ellinthorpe and I am a 32 year old momma of 2 beautiful kiddos and a loving "wife" to my hubby of 13 years!  I have been a part of Apocalypse for days or 3 years and 5 months or 1,264 days to be exact .  I was about 7 weeks postpartum after having my little guy Chase and feeling pretty down on myself.  Wearing a size 18 pant size and a xl top.  I was on Facebook one day and noticed a momma on my mom chat offering up a month's bootcamp at a gym in Aldergrove for just $25.00.  I was beyond excited because I NEVER even knew this place existed in the whole 4 years I had been a part of the community.  I went and picked up my wickid offer and started on April 1, 2015.  I remember walking into the gym at 6am..... nervous, scared and thinking "what the hell did I get myself into"  I remember my first class like it was going to be my last.  It was a partner workout.  John paired me with this women, one who appeared to be at least 65+ and I thought for sure I could totally kick butt.... Until we began.  We did sit-ups with high 5's I nearly died (but didn't) this lady stayed on MY pace.  She supported me and high fived me when it was right for me.  We did wall balls, and again this lady stayed on MY pace the entire process!  The workout was done.  I survived and I couldn't wait to come back and do it again.... Until I woke up the next morning.  I couldn't walk down the stairs, I couldn't sit down on the toilet to pee, I could barely bend my legs to get into the car and I wouldn't dare to get down on the ground to play with my kids because I didn't think I could get back up!!!  It was brutal but the next class was fast approaching and come hell or high water I was getting my $25.00 worth!!!!  The next week approached and I showed up.  I gave it my all and slowly my peers noticed that MAYBE I was going to stick around.  I have to be honest.... I went home every morning after bootcamp almost in tears, not only because I just got my ass handed to me but because I wanted to prove to myself and others (ahem John) that I was going to stick around for longer than anybody could even imagine!!!!!!  My first month ended.... I gave Cindy my info to do another 3 months to continue on my journey.  In my mind I would go to classes for the next 3 months then branch off and "do my own thing" little did I know in those few months of being at Apocalypse I would be inspired by a group of people who supported me, people who cheered me on at my lowest and praised me for doing things I never ever thought I could do.  In September 2015 some of the girls competed in femsport .... Watching them train and inspire eachother made me want to join in on the fun so I made it my goal to get to the event the following year!  I stuck around.  I failed and succeeded I cried and wanted to quit.  Some days I felt like I didn't belong but I remembered where I started and had a goal to reach!  I worked on eating better and getting more water into my body and sure enough in May 2016 I started training for the competition.  September 2016 we rolled in deep with a group of girls who were ready to take on the day!  Some of them went home with hardware but I went home with a sense of accomplishment.  I did it!  I FU(KING did it!  I placed 13th overall in my division and was beyond thrilled with myself that I did something I never thought I could do!  In October 2016 I asked John if I could train with him one on one once a week to get stronger!  I wanted so badly to learn how to do double unders and see what I had in me to gain some more muscle!  He started slow with me.  We built a relationship that I can't even explain!  I learned to trust him with allot.  He allows me to be open and honest and he is the same with me.  This guy, who in the beginning gave me the feeling that I wasn't going to stick around pushed me to my limits, saw me cry a few times and has made me call him many horrible names (in my head and out loud)..... He's like my brother.... I literally trust him with my life!  John has encouraged me to be my best and to never quit.  He has taught me to slow down and listen to my body when I am tired or injured.... He is one of the best in the industry and I couldn't imagine my world without him in it!  I never would have thought I would be where I am today.  September 2017 I competed in my second year at femsport and guess what!  My team took home a gold medal.... What a rush that was!    I think I have my eating down (most days) I train to become a better version of myself and I love the tribe vibe we have at Apocalypse!  Fast forward to NOW!  I am wearing a size 10/12 pant and feel fabulous!  YOU GUYS that's a solid 6 dress sizes I am down since starting my journey 3 years and 5 months ago!!!!  Apocalypse has given me more than wickid bootcamp classes, awesome trainers and great food advice..... They have given me friendships that will last a lifetime, endless laughter and a group of people who have your back no matter who you are.  If I have any advice for anybody reading this it would be to never EVER give up on yourself.  Train because YOU want to be at the gym.  Love yourself no matter what and always believe in yourself! 

Kyla E

kyla front.PNG

I've officially registered for the competition! Everythings starting to setin now and I'm so excited. But I'm more excited about how I feel. My mood swings are almost non-existant (still a women :p ), my stomach pains and PMS symptoms are gone and I'm not having any crazy cravings. This journey has definitely made me look at food differently and has helped both Kyle and I change our habbits. We still have 4 weeks to go but I am already SO happy and excited about how this experiance has effected our lives. I really appreciate all the help you and John have been throughout the whole process. I've learnt so much and will be forever greatfull. Your both the best coaches I could have asked for!


James Rahe

Johns PT Client

Danton Hienen

Johns PT client


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